As many of you faithful pilgrims know, some time ago the Melvin humbly applied for admission into a fine dog related web ring... and was summarily denied:

"... it is not informational or educational, and I believe it to be offensive and unsuitible [sic] for the Ring ..."
"... people are offended by your page and your references to your ' dead dog' and the fact that you seem so uncaring about the whole thing ..."
"... I don't believe it has a place in the [fine dog related] Ring."

As a dead pet (or a dead pet's owner) you know that nothing could be further from the truth! For those pets who are not so fortunate as the dogs on the fine dog related web ring (and with the welcome assistance of The Web Ring), Melvin provides:

Dead Pets Webring

Melvin does insist that member sites not include pornography
or graphic depictions of dead or injured animals (or people).

You used to be able to sign up here, but since Yahoo took over, you need to go to:
the sign-up page

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